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Claiborne County boasts a solid public school system with an emphasis on vocational and technical training, strong choices in private education, and close proximity to various colleges and universities including Alcorn State University.

With just over 2,000 students, the Claiborne County School District is a small but effective educational resource. The Mississippi Department of Education considers Claiborne County's Level 3 accreditation the mark of a successful school system. Over seventy percent of high school students are involved with some sort of vocational training, preparing skilled workers for future economic growth.

Two private institutions provide another educational option for families in Claiborne County. Claiborne Educational Foundation serves the needs of primary students, while prestigious Chamberlain-Hunt Academy offers a strong secondary education.

Claiborne County is also the home of Alcorn State University. A traditionally African American college, Alcorn is one of only three land grant colleges in the state, Over the last several years positive changes have helped bring greater racial and ethnic diversity to the student body. Today, Alcorn enjoys a growing enrollment that now stands at more than 3,000 students. Ongoing development projects are transforming the campus and nearby economic corridors, providing greater educational and social opportunities for students.

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